Can students see speaker notes in pear deck?

Overview. When you use the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on to present your lesson, your speaker notes from Google Slides are accessible from both the Projector View and the private Teacher Dashboard (a Premium feature).

Can students take notes in pear deck?

Takeaways can only be published once per Session. But you can present an unlimited number of Sessions with Pear Deck. They are individualized, editable Google Docs, so you can leave comments for students and vice versa. They also contain space for notes.

Can you see student responses on Pear deck?

Overview. Pear Deck collects your students’ responses in real time and saves them automatically in the Session where they were collected. You can show responses to your class on the Projector View, and view them in the private Teacher Dashboard (with Premium) in real time or after you end the Session.

Can you preview a pear deck?

There’s no limit to the number of Sessions you can present with Pear Deck. You can even join your Sessions as a student to get the full preview of what students will see. Then, go to in a separate tab and join your own Session.

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How do students interact with pear deck?

Pear Deck gives you interactive options when teaching remotely. … Share your screen with an interactive Pear Deck presentation. Students join the presentation in a separate tab (or in a window side-by-side with the video call). Students follow along with the presentation and interact with the slides.

Can students add images to Pear deck?

Create an Interactive Slide

First, use the editing tools in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online to put a question, prompt, equation, list, image, etc. on your slide. Then, use Pear Deck to determine how students will respond on the Student View. … You can embed a website for students to explore on their screens.

Do students need to install Pear deck?

Students/participants do not need to create a Pear Deck account. But presenters can require participants to join the Session with an email address or have them join anonymously before presenting.

Can first graders use pear deck?

Even the shyest student can participate in the discussion without fear of exposure. So how can it be utilized in a first-grade classroom trying to incorporate authentic learning? … Pear Deck will also prompt students to answer multiple-choice questions, provide short answers or use a drawing to check for understanding.

Can two teachers share a pear deck?

A. Yes to both questions. Only users with Pear Deck Premium (whether on a subscription or a trial) can be co-teachers. When you try to access a Session via the shared link from another teacher, we verify that you have a Pear Deck Premium account.

Can two teachers use pear deck at the same time?

You can add as many co-teachers to a Session as you wish, and you can revoke access at any time as well. It’s important to note that both the host teacher and co-teachers will need to have Pear Deck Premium to use this feature.

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Is Pear deck free for teachers?

Students log into the presentation with unique access codes and interact with questions while teachers monitor student and whole-class progress. Pear Deck is a freemium service; teachers and schools can access a wide array of tools and resources for free or opt to subscribe to a premium account.

Can Peardeck see your screen?

Open a new window and type to open the Dashboard of your latest Session, where you can see individual student responses and control the Projector View privately from your own screen.

Can students do pear deck on their own?

Overview. Pear Deck is often used to engage students in a lesson in real time. But with Student Paced Mode, you can allow students to join any presentation Session independently and work through your slides at their own pace, on their own time!

Can I use pear deck with zoom?

Launch your Pear Deck presentation. Launch Zoom. Open the projector view of Pear Deck in a separate window and share that with students using Zoom. Ask students to type in their browsers and enter the session code.

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