Frequent question: Does the Metrolink go to UCLA?

Does the metro go to UCLA?

Metro stations are always around the corner at UCLA, making it easy to get from campus to museums, nightlife, restaurants and more around the Los Angeles area. As an additional incentive to purchase a Go Metro pass, UCLA Transportation will include a free BruinGO!

How do I get to UCLA by Metro?

UCLA Connections

Westwood/Rancho Park Station: Board a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus directly to campus using the Rapid 12 or Route 8 bus lines. Expo/Sepulveda Station: Board the Rapid 6 Culver CityBus or the Metro 234/734.

Is there a train that goes to UCLA?

The Westwood/UCLA Amtrak Thruway is a dedicated bus connection to San Joaquin and Pacific Surfliner trains. It makes Amtrak train travel seamless, easy and economical.

How do I get from Union Station to UCLA?

Take the Big Blue Bus #12, #12 Rapid, or #8 south down Westwood Blvd. and get off at Westwood Blvd/Exposition Blvd stop. From the Westwood/Rancho Park station, take the Expo Line east toward downtown Los Angeles. At the 7th Street/Metro Center station, change to the Red or Purple Line towards Union Station.

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How close is UCLA to Beverly Hills?

There are 2.60 miles from Beverly Hills to Ucla in west direction and 4 miles (6.44 kilometers) by car, following the Wilshire Boulevard route. Beverly Hills and Ucla are 7 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is UCLA from Union Station?

The distance between Union Station and UCLA Medical Center is 15 miles.

Can I commute to UCLA?

The Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) is a complimentary transportation program for those commuting to UCLA by public transit, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, or by foot.

How far is UCLA from downtown Los Angeles?

The distance between Los Angeles Downtown (Station) and UCLA School of Law is 12 miles. The road distance is 16.8 miles.

How much is a parking permit at UCLA?

Self-Service pay stations are located in parking lots and structures throughout campus. Ranges from $1 for 20 minutes to $14 all day.

UCLA Parking Rates and Fees.

Permit types Rate
Commuter Student Parking $258/Quarter
Residence Hall/Weyburn Student Permit $324/Quarter
Night and Weekend Permit $150/Quarter
Two-Person Carpool $216/Quarter

How much does UCLA tuition cost?

In-state tuition 13,240 USD, Out-of-state tuition 42,994 USD (2019 – 20)

Does UCLA have bus?

BruinBus is a year-round bus serving the UCLA campus and the Wilshire Center. Everyone is welcome to board at one of our many stops. … The BruinBus complimentary campus service operates buses that are clean, wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned and environmentally conscious.

What is UCLA’s acceptance rate?

12.3% (2020)

Delta Theta Sigma