Frequent question: Which are types of online resources that students can use for help?

Which are types of online resources that students can use for help check all that apply?

simulated labs web-based educational games educators classmates discussion forums.

What is online resources for students?

What is Online Learning Resources

  • Learning resources that are made available online, not from printed sources. …
  • Any resource available on the Internet in an online educational environment. …
  • Any digital material used for supporting student learning that is delivered in multiple delivery models.

What are some online resources?

Here are a few that you may find useful for research:

  • Current information such as stock quotes, sports scores, weather, and news. …
  • Information on colleges, museums, government agencies or non-profit organizations. …
  • Online job postings, shopping, auctions, or travel services. …
  • Library databases, scholarly journals, and eBooks.

What are the resources for students?

Top 10 Online Resources For College Students

  • Grammarly. Grammarly is a must-have app if you write anything apart from instant messages. …
  • Hemingway App. Hemingway App is an online editor that helps you to trim down and streamline your texts. …
  • Evernote. …
  • GoConqr. …
  • Coursera. …
  • FastWeb. …
  • Open Culture.
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What are examples of academic challenges?

These concerns may involve:

  • Poor study habits.
  • Difficulty grasping course material.
  • Test anxiety that leads to poor performance on exams.
  • Procrastination on assignments.
  • Difficulty planning and organizing to complete assignments or study tasks.
  • Inconsistent class attendance.
  • Academic probation or loss of scholarship.

What problem is Heidi most likely experiencing?

What problem is Heidi most likely experiencing? She does not understand algebra.

What are the examples of open educational resources?

Open Educational Resources

  • Open Courseware.
  • Learning Modules.
  • Open Textbooks.
  • Streaming Videos.
  • Open Access Journals.
  • Online Tutorials.
  • Digital Learning Objects.


How can I use resources online?

5 Best Ways of Using Online Resources More Effectively

  1. Develop information literacy. If you are to use online resources effectively, you need to improve your skills in evaluating your information needs, searching for possible sources and assessing their credibility. …
  2. Recognise reliable sources. …
  3. Check when possible. …
  4. Rely on trusted recommendations. …
  5. Sharing experience.

How do you use Internet as a resource?

The Internet as a Resource for News and Information about Science

  1. 40 million Americans rely on the internet as their primary source for news and information about science.
  2. For home broadband users, the internet and television are equally popular as sources for science news and information – and the internet leads the way for young broadband users.


Is an example of an online material?

An online source is material you find online. It can be an online newspaper, magazine or television website such as NBC or CNN. Peer-reviewed journals, webpages, forums and blogs are also online sources. Some other names for online sources are electronic sources, web sources and Internet sources.

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Do students use online resources?

The internet is a great resource student’s use for learning. Reasons include the ease in searching with sites such as Google, or the vast collection of informative videos on YouTube. The teaching laboratory can also benefit from online resources, especially when students are deficient in prerequisite knowledge.

What are some free online education resources?

23 Killer Sites for Free Online Education Anyone Can Use

  • Coursera. Coursera is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the world. …
  • Khan Academy. Partnering with many post secondary schools, Khan Academy offers a useable, well-organized interface. …
  • Open Culture Online Courses. …
  • Udemy. …
  • Lifehack Fast Track Class. …
  • Academic Earth. …
  • edX. …
  • Alison.


What are examples of school resources?

  • District- or school-sponsored professional development activities.
  • Professional conferences or workshops.
  • Follow-up or ongoing support for training (e.g., coaching, mentoring)
  • College courses.

What are 3 learning strategies?

There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

What are some academic resources?

These can include:

  • Office hours.
  • Study halls.
  • Study groups.
  • Writing Center and Residential College Writing Tutors.
  • Peer Tutoring.
  • Academic workshops.
  • Academic mentors (faculty, TFs, deans, administrators, peers)
  • Student wellness and mental health services.
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