How does Spotify check if you are a student Reddit?

Spotify uses the SheerID database to verify ones admission to a school, but doesn’t require more information than what’s listed above to complete the verification. You don’t even need to get confirmation through email.

How do I verify that I’m a student on Spotify?

To verify, you either log into your college/uni’s portal or upload proof of your enrollment. You don’t need to register your student email address to your Spotify account. Note: You can’t pay for Premium Student by mobile billing or with another company (e.g. your phone or internet provider).

How does SheerID know I’m a student?

You enter your student email address to verify that you’re a student. … edu email addresses as a surrogate for verifying student status.

How do I get Spotify student Reddit?

Choose the student option in plans and input the name, date of birth, and college/university name of someone you know. Spotify Premium will then be $4.99/month and you’ll get Hulu and Showtime access as well. The student MUST be currently enrolled.

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Why can’t Spotify verify me as a student?

If you upload proof of enrollment, you need to wait for SheerID to email you with your eligibility status. … If you’re still having difficulties verifying your student status with SheerID, we suggest you take a look at their Student Support Page or get in touch with them so that they can check your status again.

How do you trick Spotify into thinking you’re a student?

So, here is how to sign up for Spotify student discount hack account to pay $4.99 instead of $9.99.

  1. Log on to …
  2. Next, if you scroll down, your screen should lead you a tab named ‘Student Discount’. …
  3. Then, you will find a note asking you to ‘Graduate to Spotify Premium for $4.99’ only.


How long is Spotify student verification?

Solution! It usually takes up to 12 – 24 hours. No matter if student verification was successful or failed, a temporary charge goes through. These are only temporary charges on your credit card and they should disappear in a few days.

What can I use to prove I’m a student?

How Do I Provide Proof of Student Status?

  1. Photocopy of your dated student ID (with current date)
  2. Photocopy of your class registration.
  3. Photocopy of your class schedule.
  4. Photocopy of your school bill.
  5. URL of your institution’s publicly accessible web page or web directory that proves your student status.

How long does it take for SheerID to verify?

Q: How long does implementation take? A: With our SheerID-hosted solutions and plug-ins, we can have your verification platform up and running within six business days.

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How long can you use Spotify student?

As you mention, Premium Student is valid for up to 12 months from the date you subscribed and you can renew it for up to four years. If you’re still an eligible student, you can renew by heading to first and then either log in to your uni’s portal or upload proof of enrollment.

Can you fake student Spotify?

Yes! All you need is a students full name and birthdate. Find some current students from your old college.

How can I get Spotify Premium for free?

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on Android

  1. Open a web browser you often use to download the Spotify Premium free APK file on Android.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option on your Android. …
  3. Unzip it and open the com. …
  4. After installation, please open the Spotify app and sign in with your free account on Spotify.


Can I get Spotify premium student discount in high school?

You can’t receive a student discount in highschool, but you can pay for your account using a prepaid visa card or a giftcard for Spotify.

Is Spotify illegal?

Technically it is illegal, yes. You’re using something that grants you premium features that would otherwise cost you money. It isn’t something you’ll get in trouble, or be caught using. Worst case scenario is that Spotify will delete your account.

Can you switch from Spotify premium to student?

Yep! All you need to do is sign up at and the discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date.

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How do I verify my Spotify account?

Both artists and managers can submit an artist to be considered for verification. First, you need to go to Spotify for Artists and click “Claim Your Profile.” Once you’ve taken that step, you’ll be directed to a page asking to submit your artist name.

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