What is the percentage of college graduates in China?

The overall graduation rate was 83.5 percent in 2017.

What percentage of Chinese have a college degree?

Countries by level of tertiary education

Country Age 25–34
Equivalent to a 2-year degree or higher (%) Equivalent to a 4-year degree or higher (%)
Canada 59 34
Chile 27 19
China 25 14

How many college graduates are there in China?

The Ministry of Education this week put that estimated total at 9.09 million Chinese – an increase of about 350,000 graduates from this year’s record high of 8.74 million.

How many college graduates a year in China?

The vast number of graduates from Chinese universities originates from the increasing enrollment in colleges and universities across the country. Of the 7.6 million Chinese graduates of 2019, around 3.95 million earned a bachelor’s degree, whereas 3.64 million earned a more practically oriented short-cycle degree.

What percentage of Chinese students go to university?

Student enrollment in China

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The total enrollment rate in tertiary education increased from less than ten percent in the late 1990s to over 51 percent by 2019. The number of university teachers grew accordingly, keeping the average university student to university teacher ratio around 18 to 1.

What is China ranked in education?

Education Rankings By Country 2021

Country Total Score Science Score
China 1731 575
Hong Kong 1637 549
Finland 1631 554
Singapore 1630 542

Which country is most educated?

These are the countries with the most educated populations.

  1. Canada. Percent of population age 25-64 with tertiary education: 57.89.
  2. Russia. Percent of population age 25-64 with tertiary education (2017): 56.70. …
  3. Japan. …
  4. Israel. …
  5. South Korea. …
  6. United States. …
  7. Ireland. …
  8. United Kingdom. …


Is college in China free?

Nine-year compulsory education policy in China enables students over six years old nationwide to have free education at both primary schools (grade 1 to 6) and junior secondary schools (grade 7 to 9). The policy is funded by government, tuition is free. Schools still charge miscellaneous fees.

Is education in China good?

When compared globally, Peking University’s low admission rate reveals the exceptionally competitive nature of tertiary education in China. Two of the world’s most well-regarded higher education institutions in the United States, Harvard University and Stanford University, have admission rates around 5 percent.

Does China recognize online degrees?

Global universities are partnering with Chinese organizations to launch online degrees recognized in China. International universities, usually with experience in e-learning, are targeting learners in China by launching online degree programs developed in partnership with local Chinese organizations.

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How do Chinese students get into college?

Admission process

A student’s score in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (Gaokao) is the primary consideration used for admission into universities in China. … The more you have more top universities in a region, the better chances its students will be enrolled into a top university.

Why is education so important in China?

The educational system in China is a major vehicle for both inculcating values in and teaching needed skills to its people. Traditional Chinese culture attached great importance to education as a means of enhancing a person’s worth and career.

How many years is Chinese college?

The higher education (usually known as college education) usually starts when pupils are over 18, and its composed of tertiary vocational school (two or three years), a technological academy (three years) and an undergraduate school (four years), but only undergraduate school students will get their bachelors degree.

Is it hard to get into university in China?

Compared to Chinese students the application process for international students is generally easier because there is less competition. For foreign students the application process is generally more difficult than other Universities in China because the admissions requirements are higher and there is more competition.

How much does it cost to go to university in China?

China. Public colleges in China have an average tuition cost between $3,300 and $9,900 per year. Unlike in the U.S., where the highest-ranked colleges are private, China’s most prestigious universities are public.

Do Chinese students pay for university?

The UK has more Chinese students than any other country and they account for £1.7billion in tuition fees every year.

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