What states are ASU students from?

What states do ASU students come from?

ASU – Tempe ranks 228 out of 2,183 when it comes to geographic diversity. 35.28% of ASU – Tempe students come from out of state, and 8.21% come from out of the country. Student Location Diversity 89 out of 100.

Top 5 States.

State Amount
Arizona 4,880
California 795
Illinois 198
Texas 178

Where are Arizona State students from?

The enrolled student population at Arizona State University-Tempe is 46.7% White, 20.3% Hispanic or Latino, 7.86% Asian, 4.3% Two or More Races, 3.53% Black or African American, 1.07% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.161% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

What percentage of ASU students are out of state?

At ASU, 25 percent of undergraduates are non-residents, up from 22 percent. The University of Arizona has the highest percentage among the state universities, at 31 percent, which is up from 30 percent.

What percentage of ASU students are from California?

There are nearly 1,400 freshmen from California in the class, a 36 percent increase. Some 45.5 percent of the freshman class comes from minority backgrounds, representing the most diverse freshman class in ASU history.

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Is ASU prestigious?

Arizona State University continues to set themselves apart and establish a reputation of excellence. In 2016, ASU was recognized as one of the top 100 most prestigious universities in the world by Times Higher Education, the world’s largest academic opinion survey.

Is ASU a party school?

ASU has a reputation as a party school. Some students are hardcore party people and others are very dedicated to their studies.

What GPA is required for ASU?

To be admitted to ASU, you will need one of the following:

3.00 GPA in competency courses (4.00 = “A”) ACT: 22 (24 nonresidents) SAT: 1120 (1180 nonresidents)

Is University of Arizona better than ASU?

ASU ranks 115th in the U.S. News rankings, while UA comes in at 124. Specific programs at Arizona universities get higher rankings by U.S. News, and other lists, like one ranking public universities only, put Arizona schools higher. For instance, ASU ranks 53rd and UA 58th on U.S. News’ list of top public schools.

Is ASU hard to get into?

Acceptance Rate

How hard is it to get into ASU and can I get accepted? The school has a 86% acceptance rate ranking it #7 in Arizona for lowest rate of acceptance.

What is ASU known for academically?

ASU is recognized globally in six subject areas that rank in the top 20, including public administration, management, environmental science and engineering, law, business administration and education.

What is the largest university in the US?

The University of Central Florida – This Orlando school ranks near the top in the nation for research and community engagement. It also boasts some unusual majors, like integrated business and medical laboratory science. It is the largest college or university in American, with 66,183 students.

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Is ASU a dry campus?

Although Arizona State University is regarded as a “dry” campus, there are many times and places you can drink either on campus or at an ASU-related event. Here’s your guide for where and when you can have beer, wine and, sometimes, liquor while celebrating at orr with ASU.

Does ASU offer in-state tuition California residents?

At ASU, out-of-state students pay $28,336 per year for tuition and fees, while in-state students pay $10,822. The UC system estimates tuition and fees of $13,900 for California residents this year. CSU tuition is $5,742 for California residents.

What states offer instate tuition for California residents?

Western Undergraduate Exchange: A Quick Overview

  • Alaska.
  • Arizona.
  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • Hawaii.
  • Idaho.
  • Montana.
  • Nevada.

How much is tuition at the University of Arizona?

In-state tuition 12,691 USD, Out-of-state tuition 36,718 USD (2019 – 20)

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