You asked: Should I buy a longboard for college?

Longboarding lets you move around faster than walking. Average speed when commuting on a longboard is around 7-8 mph which is much faster than most walkers. If you live off campus, a longboard will get you to college fast. You can also ride your longboard between college buildings e.g. for going from class to class.

What skateboard is best for college campus?

Penny boards (aka “plastic boards”) are a little smaller, and are often the best type of board for campus cruising. A solid penny board usually costs between $49 and $99. If you’re going to buy a skateboard, make sure to visit a local skate shop, not a big-box retailer.

Should I bring a skateboard to college?

It’s really dependent on the campus. If the campus is relatively flat/level, then it might be a good idea to bring a skateboard if you have one. However, if your school has a lot of uphill terrain (like UCLA), it would only be useful about half of the time (going down, obviously).

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Should a beginner get a longboard or skateboard?

Both longboards and skateboards are good for beginners, but from our research, we determined that a longboard is the ideal beginner board. Longboards are made for cruising, they are longer and give more stability when riding. … Longboards also have softer wheels than skateboards, which also allows them to cruise easier.

Are longboards good for beginners?

We confirm that longboards are more ideal for beginners than skateboards. These boards give good weight and enough balance to guarantee stability. They are reliable for those who are not familiar with boarding before. Take the deck for example.

Is a skateboard or longboard better for college?

The primary difference between skateboards and longboards is that longboards are larger, faster and more stable than skateboards and, therefore, are an excellent means of transport around campus. Another example of a longboard deck perfect for college cruising is made by Loaded Longboards.

Are bikes better than skateboards?

Difficulty: bike wins – easier to ride than a skateboard. … Terrain: bike wins – better for rough terrain, uphill, steep downhill. Exercise: skateboard wins – more energy required for commuting. Safety: bike wins – it has brakes and a pebble won’t send you flying.

What is better a longboard or cruiser?

Overall, a longboard is more stable than a cruiser board.

A longboard has a longer deck (and hence a longer wheelbase), larger wheels, and wider trucks. This provides added room for feet placement and higher shock absorption when rolling over cracks and crevices.

What is a good beginner skateboard?

Top 10 Skateboards for Beginners in 2019

  • Enjoi. The Enjoi Negative Space 8″ Complete Skateboard comes ready to roll straight out of the box with full Panda logo graphic. …
  • Anti Hero. The Face 7.75″ from Anti-Hero is perfect for all street skaters. …
  • Toy Machine. …
  • Almost. …
  • Real. …
  • Element. …
  • Globe. …
  • Blind.
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What is the difference between a longboard and a penny board?

A longboard is designed to give you the best cruising experience by making use of a large foot platform (easier to stand on) where as a Penny has been designed as the very smallest possible platform with the primary goal to make the purchase price of a Penny Board as cheap as possible.

How dangerous is longboarding?

The wheeled boards usually are ridden on roads, putting riders in danger of running into traffic. A recent study on longboard riders found that injuries tend to be more severe than skateboard injuries. Most common are upper body injuries, including skull fractures, brain injuries (concussions) and bleeding of the head.

What is easier to ride penny or longboard?

For most average size riders (5ft 5 inches to 6ft) a longboard is easier to ride than a Penny particularly if you have never stepped on a skateboard, longboard or Penny Board previously. …

Is longboarding hard to learn?

My short answer: longboarding is not hard if you’re looking to cruise around and enjoy relaxed riding at the beach or the park. You do have to work on your stance and balance, learn to push, lean to turn, and foot brake. … Many factors get into play in whether longboarding will be hard or easy for you to start.

What should I look for when buying a longboard?

To choose the right longboard setup, you are going to want to consider:

  • Riding Style.
  • Deck Shapes, Style & Features.
  • Length & Wheelbase.
  • Flex.
  • Construction.
  • Trucks.
  • Wheels.
  • Bearings.

Are cruisers or longboards better for beginners?

A cruiser is great for riding short distances in crowded or congested areas. It’s small, lightweight, easy to carry around and take with you everywhere. … A longboard is more stable and comfortable for pushing long distances and for riding downhill at higher speeds.

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What shape of longboard is best for beginner?

Drop-through boards are functionally the best for beginners. They are super-low to the ground, which makes them easy to push, footbrake and slide. Drop-through longboards are a great place to start longboarding, as they make it easy to learn all the basics of longboarding.

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